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Hi y’all, thank you for visiting my humble website. My name’s Joshua and I love architecture, design and art. On my blog, I hope to share my interests with you, and in doing so, help you discover all the beautiful works and creations from all around the world (for example, the ‘Ramp House’ in Athens by Athanasia Psaraki).

Before I carry on, may I interest you in one of my favourite TED talks of all time?

I’m currently studying overseas, in the sunny city of Singapore. If you haven’t visited Singapore, I’d highly encourage you to do so. It’s a really clean and safe city with many amenities and attractions.

I’ve recently moved into a new apartment, and I’m busy furnishing the place. Things are a little more expensive here than they are back home, but I’m saving a little bit of money on purchasing furniture thanks to this helpful list of affordable furniture.

Singapore has some really beautiful looking architecture, if you travel here, make sure to visit the Esplanade, Henderson Waves, and the Super Trees.

The Supertrees at Marina Bay

I am currently pursuing my MBA in one of the top schools in Singapore, can you guess which one it is? I hope to finish my course in 2 years time, and perhaps see if I’d be able to build a career and a life here.

I will do my best to blog regularly, to make a record of all my experiences in Singapore and Asia. Before I sign off, please allow me to share another remarkable video about design with you.

Furniture Shopping For An Outdoor Space

A friend of mine (let’s call her B) recently invited me over to her house in a rather posh district in Singapore. B had an outdoor space overlooking a body of water, and I have to say, it was quite scenic. B wanted to furnish the space, and I recommended that she visit this website featuring stores in Singapore selling outdoor furniture. Shortly after consulting FurnitureSingapore.net, we were off on our shopping adventure!

success kid

We visited plenty of stores, and we found several items which really caught our eye. B was a little hesitant to make a purchase on the spot as she’s had a bad experience with another furniture store in the past. She managed to settle the issue with the help of CASE, though.

lemon law

During our shopping trip, we went online to look for inspiration and ideas, and we stumbled upon this really interesting show called Million Dollar Outdoor Spaces.

Another really superb website we visited was Houzz, where you can find a ton of ideas and photos of home designs. I also showed B my recent post about the Ramp House in Athens, and she thought that it was brilliant!

We spent close to 5 hours shopping for furniture and outdoor installations, and we purchased several great looking items which included a day bed, an outdoor swing, and an outdoor sofa set. Overall, it was a really fun and productive trip!

A Place Skaters Can Call Home, Literally.

Talented lady architect and founder of Archivirus, Athanasia Psaraki, designed a brilliant space where skaters can call home, literally. The ‘Ramp House’ is a house in Athens, Greece, where the entire living space has been designed with skate-friendliness in mind.

Check out this video where Tony Hawk pays the Ramp House a visit!

The project came about when a lady client requested for Athanasia to help create a home where she could be able to skate about. Athanasia decided that simply putting a mini ramp inside the house was not going to cut it, so she integrated the idea of the skate ramp and bowl into every aspect of the home’s interior.

The end product is a ‘skateable habitat’ that features functional open spaces, and allows its residents to experience the ‘feeling of acceleration’,  giving them the freedom to flow from one space to another.

Now, if only the owners of Ramp House had some of these furniture -

Image credits: http://furnituresingapore.net/

Architecture is a Language!

Daniel Libeskind is one of my favourite architects and designers of all time. In this TED talk, he discusses how buildings can be created to exude human energy, and how they contribute to the culture of a city or country.

If you haven’t seen his architectural accomplishments, you’ll definitely want to look up his works, some of them include the Royal Ontario Museum, the Bord Gais Enery Theatre, and the Jewish Museum.