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A Place Skaters Can Call Home, Literally.

Talented lady architect and founder of Archivirus, Athanasia Psaraki, designed a brilliant space where skaters can call home, literally. The ‘Ramp House’ is a house in Athens, Greece, where the entire living space has been designed with skate-friendliness in mind.

Check out this video where Tony Hawk pays the Ramp House a visit!

The project came about when a lady client requested for Athanasia to help create a home where she could be able to skate about. Athanasia decided that simply putting a mini ramp inside the house was not going to cut it, so she integrated the idea of the skate ramp and bowl into every aspect of the home’s interior.

The end product is a ‘skateable habitat’ that features functional open spaces, and allows its residents to experience the ‘feeling of acceleration’, ¬†giving them the freedom to flow from one space to another.

Now, if only the owners of Ramp House had some of these furniture -

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